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Hello welcome to my website!
My name is Patricia McCullough, Paddy for short. I am originally from Newtownabbey in Northern Ireland, I have been living in The Netherlands since 1987. Currently I work as a professional Image Stylist at my studio www.styleswithsmiles.nl in Hoorn.

What is Image Styling?

Actually, it’s very simple, Image Styling helps people to look their best, choosing styles and colours that enhance their features, figure and personality. Your image is the general impression you make on others by the way you look. An image tailored to suit you personally will fill you with confidence and bring out the best in you! This won’t go unnoticed by others either, the benefits are surprisingly far reaching, from your social life to your working life.

Image styling is for everyone! Both men and women want to look their best, whether its for an important job interview, a special occasion or, if your lucky, a hot date! How helpful would it be to know what to wear or, just as important, what not to wear. Which colours , fabrics, shoes and combinations will build your confidence and give you assurance? The styles that will suit you the best, flatter your body shape as well as sending out all the correct signals. The beauty of Paddy’s consultations is that they teach you to help yourself. The day after a make-over you’re back to the old you. Image styling provides you with the knowledge and confidence to let the world see the real you!

For whom is Image Styling?

BYou’ve just finished studying and are about to start interviewing for jobs. You’ve got a new job and you want to look the part. You’re about to get married and nothing short of your very best will do for the big occasion. Perhaps you’re a mother, housewife and part time worker and you’re looking for combinations that you can mix and match so whatever role you are playing, you always look tip top.
Treat yourself to a great look for every occasion. I will be delighted to help… Styles with Smiles!

In short:

• Learn which colours and combinations suit you best.
• Stand out from the crowd.
• Learn to shop effectively. Save time and money and avoid frustration!
• Learn to make the most out of your wardrobe.
• Learn to make better combinations with less garments.
• Learn invaluable make-up tips & tricks
• Discover all the things you can do with your hair.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these metamorphoses!


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