Colour Analysis

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Colour analysis

Personal Colour Analysis is the key to looking your best. At Styles with Smiles consultations are enjoyable and informative with advice to last a lifetime. Find out what your best colours are for clothes, makeup, hair and accessories – you will take home with you a Colour Card to help you shop more successfully and effectively. Styles with Smiles consultants hear stories all the time from their clients about meeting a new partner, getting a great promotion, making all sorts of life changes as a direct result of wearing their best colours.

Analysing your colours always begins with the eyes. Your eyes are the strongest determining factor when searching for your colour type and the iris can contain the most subtle of variations. Someone with blue eyes may have warm flecks of gold or green on the inner circle around the pupil, another may have a dark grey/blue circle on the outer ring around the eye.
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After the eyes we move on to the complexion. You may have a light skin tone or a dark skin tone, you may be fair skinned with cool tones or pale with warm tones. Many variations of skin tone can reflect the colours that flatter the most. Your natural hair colour completes the puzzle. If your hair has had treatments involving chemicals it will be covered during the colour analysis, when looking to highlight and accentuate your natural colours, treated hair may be misleading or a distraction.

Generally speaking, there are four colour types named after the four seasons. To find the colours that have a connection with your skin tone, drapes of different colours are viewed next to your face to discover which have connections to your eyes, skin colour and tone and hair. Perhaps you’re a summer type but with cool tints or an autumn type with warmer hues. Once your colour secrets have been discovered shopping suddenly becomes much easier and more fun! You will be genuinely surprised as have many before you. Watch out, my lovely’s, a new world is about to be revealed to you.


Colour Analysis* Consultant
* Johannes Itten Colour System (with 12 sub-colours), a study about subjectively experiencing and objectively observing colour.


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