Hair and Make Up

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Hair and make up

Always remember that keeping your hair healthy can be best achieved by using the right products. How important is your hair to you? So many people these days use shampoos and conditioners without realising how much damage some of these products can do to their hair. They can make your hair lifeless, dull and worst of all limp. When buying hair products it’s essential to know whether it does what it says on the bottle. One of Paddy’s strongest pieces of advice to her clients is ‘avoid sulphates!’



With her 30 years of experience covering all aspects of treating, cutting and styling hair, you can always rely on excellent advice from Paddy. Using only the highest quality products combined with her in-depth knowledge and expertise you know you are in good hands at Styles with Smiles.
Paddy’s know-how even extends to hair pieces. With four years training as a hair piece specialist, she can help and advise you with any queries you may have. You may have a friend who is losing hair due to illness or know someone who needs advice on which hair pieces last longest and are low maintenance. Perhaps you know someone who already has a hair piece but is not happy with the style or the cut. Paddy can give you valuable tips ranging from maintenance and care, through to product choice and styling for your hair piece.



The application of make up that still looks good at the end of the day! That’s the secret all woman would love to know! With Paddy’s easy tips and tricks life in the mornings becomes much easier. Of course you don’t want your make up to be clearly visible to everyone, when skilfully applied, you should look fresh, radiant and truly stunning. How about trying a different colour mascara or eye shadow? How about changing your lipstick? It’s a well known fact that women feel good when they find a lipstick they love.


Paddy’s make up advice not only teaches you to achieve great results, but does it without complicated techniques or hours of effort. Learn how to apply the correct colouring and texture to maximise the effect of your make up. From handy tips and tricks for your day make up to achieving a striking effect for a special night out! Make up is very versatile, it can also be used to camouflage irregularities or blemishes, accentuate or soften facial features so that you always look healthy, fresh youthful and radiant.




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