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Price List



Colour Analysis

(60 minutes)

€ 45,00
Style Analysis

(60 minutes) € 45,00

Extended Colour Analysis

(100 minutes)

An extensive consultation, making use of the colour drapes. Beforehand you may be asked to bring along some outfits in your favourite colours, or items that you’re not sure any more why you bought them, because they’ve never seen the light of day. In other words, your ´Toppers’ and your ‘Floppers´. With the help of ´before´ and ´after´ photos which are included in the consultation, you will soon have a clear idea of which colours are for you. Perhaps even more important, you will realise just how much influence colour has on the way we look. To top it all off, on request Paddy will also advise you on matching your make up to your colour and season types, your eye colour, hair and complexion. Applying the make up and choice of outfit to achieve a real ‘Topper’. Finally, Paddy takes a photo of the final result as a memento of the day and the experience!

€ 85,00
Extended Style Analysis

(100 minutes)

You will be asked to bring some outfits with you to help illustrate the many factors that play a role in choosing the style that is most flattering to you. From the beginning of the consultation to the end Paddy will be taking photos so that you can look back on the great day together, but also have a lasting record of all the things you learn. The Style Advice XTRA will teach you all about which materials and textiles will flatter your figure, which shapes and patterns you can wear and which you can’t. Learn what a ‘round’, ‘square’ or ‘triangular’ body shape is in the world of styling. Whether you’re tall or short, XL or petite, it doesn’t matter. Style Advice XTRA is fun, enjoyable and above all educational, giving you the tools to know what works for you! With Paddy’s experience and expertise you cannot fail to Style with a Smile. € 85,00


These are just a selection of the possibilities available. Find out how to save money by combining two or more features. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about the hair, make up and other personal sessions available. Have a look at the packages page on this site and take advantage of the great offers. Or contact Paddy and ask about putting your own ‘Personal Package’ together!

* All prices are including VAT.


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