Style Analysis

Your style consultation will help you to select the correct style of necklines, jackets, skirts, dress fabrics, hairstyles and accessories to suit you. You will find out how to wear patterns and fabrics to give yourself the look of perfect proportions. You will discover how to use clothing in a complimentary and harmonious way which will express your own individuality and suit your lifestyle. You will receive advice on what to wear and what to avoid, which will become your guide for finding a whole new set of outfits in your own wardrobe as well as an ideal ‘Personal Shopping’ guide.

Body Frame

Your body shape is an important factor in deciding which clothing will suit you best. The general shape is determined by looking at the shoulders, waist and hips. The goal is to accentuate all the positives but your choice of clothes can also help to camouflage some of the proportions you are not happy with. The combination of the colour analysis with this analysis of the physical form provides all the tools necessary to give a very personal, individual style analysis. At Styles with Smiles we make you look younger, slimmer and prettier giving you renewed confidence and energy!

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